When we talk about Georgian style, often we imagine ourselves walking around beautiful streets of Harrogate, or the classic crescents of Bath. They have outlasted their owners for many generations and maintain a popularity like no other. But it’s not just in the UK you’ll find this styling. When the founding fathers went over to the US, many chose to recreate the elegant Georgian architecture. Georgian design cues were also added where the British built grand homes in India.

The Georgian period spanned four King Georges. It lasted more than a century, starting in 1714 with King George I, continuing through the reigns of George II and III, and finishing with George IV before Victoria took the throne.

Georgian homes are characterised by their symmetry, especially when it comes to window and door placement. Sometimes there were decorative headers above the windows, but often these were pared down to a few elegant symmetrical lines. Mostly built with hip roofs, and often included dormer windows to house the nursery or servants. Brick and stone were the most popular choices for wall construction, and it’s because they were so well built that they have survived so long. Internally they have high ceilings and tall windows allowing a huge amount of natural light into the rooms, which gives them a sense of openness.

The symmetry and boxiness made the design simple, and simple means cheaper to build. With fewer nooks and crannies, the build time is reduced, another good reason why the design travelled so far around the world. 

To get the large panes in the original Georgian homes, they had to be made up of smaller squares of glass. And the need for Georgian bars to connect them, was born.

Today, modern glass sizes are much bigger and the need for individual panes has disappeared. To get the most authentic look for PVCu windows and doors, our patented Georgian Bar system is designed to offer fabricators the best. A special clip holds the bars in place, and the snap fixings mean that they stay put.

The demand for Georgian style windows is here to stay. While its almost 200 years since the end of the Georgian period, for self-builders Georgian design is on top of the wish list. It’s the same for house developers, who can create an established feel for a new estate from day one by including Georgian architectural cues, especially when it comes to windows.

We work with several fabricators who supply into new build and the attention to detail in the windows will make the difference in styling for the whole house. What we are seeing is a contrast between the front and rear of the properties, with Georgian elegance at the front, and wide span glazed doors at the rear. This gives the new owners exactly what they want and fits in with the way we live our lives today.
As well as in the UK, the Georgian Bar Company manufactures in both the US and India through our partners. The same styling is needed, but we’ve made a few changes to ensure the bars are suitable for higher temperatures with a special tropical mix that maintains UV stability in warmer climes, and for hurricanes and skyscrapers, we have developed a special clip for the US market. These developments mean our Georgian bars travel beautifully, much like me! After all, trends might change, but style never goes out of fashion.