The Georgian Bar Company has been making giant inroads into the rapidly emerging Indian PVCu window and door market over the last few years with its tropicalblend Geofast system – with a little help from their friends. 

“We knew that once PVCu was introduced into India it was going to be big,” says Phil Dewhurst Jr, Commercial Director at The Georgian Bar Company. “And where there’s large volumes of windows and doors then the need for Georgian bars will surely follow. 

We now supply two of the biggest PVCu window companies in the country and demand for the Geofast system means that we’re also successfully working in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Middle East. 

In order to cater for these growing markets, we knew we’d have to create a variation of our products for the extreme climates in those countries. That’s when we turned to Eurocell to develop our tropical-blend range.”  

Eurocell has been working with The Georgian Bar Company for more than 20 years. Not only do they manufacture some of the products in the Geofast range, but they are also use them in their own offering of windows and doors. 

“The best professional relationships feel like a friendship,” says Ian Kernaghan, Product Design Manager at Eurocell. “And this is the partnership we have built up with Phil and the Georgian Bar team. 

“We worked closely with Phil to ensure the specially-developed PVCu profile material met their requirements and would withstand the high temperatures. We’re able to extrude this profile quickly and efficiently, meaning that they can successfully cater for these overseas opportunities. 

The arrangement has worked exceptionally well and has been very beneficial to both companies.