Long gone are the days when homeowners had to choose between a Georgian-style window or one that was foiled or coloured. Recent figures from The Georgian Bar Company are further proof that it’s no longer a choice of one or the other.

The numbers show that 38 percent of GeoFast sales so far this year have been for foiled products, an increase of 7 percent from last year and 13 percent from 2016. While white PVCu is still by the far the most popular choice, accounting for 62 percent of sales, this has fallen from 75 percent just 4 years ago.

At 9.2 percent of total sales in 2019, White Grain is by far the most popular of the foiled options, with Heritage White Grain also coming in at 0.33 percent, showing that developers and homeowners are becoming more discerning in their tastes and are edging away from plain white.
Anthracite Grey was the most popular colour choice at 3.2 percent, followed by Cream Grain at 3.1 percent and Black at 1.8 percent. Rosewood, Agate Grey, Golden Oak, Chartwell Green and Irish Oak complete the top 10, accounting for 22.5 percent of total sales.

The remaining 15.5 percent of foil colours illustrates the extensive range of choice provided by The Georgian Bar Company.

“It’s interesting to see this growing shift away from solid white,” says Lisa Whitaker, Operations Manager at The Georgian Bar Company. “Although it still makes up the vast majority of our sales, it’s obvious that there’s a very steady increase in the call for colours and foils.

“Since 2016, our percentage of foil and colour sales has risen from a quarter to more than a third, which is an impressive amount in a relatively short period of time. Because our bars are colour-matched in a broad range of choices, there’s something to suit all UK properties for both refurbishment and new build projects.

“Now we have hundreds of products available from stock, it means that more than half of orders are available the next day. Intelligent planning means that our customers
also benefit from a fast turnaround for non-stock items. This can be as short as 2 days, an average of 5 to 7, even on the smallest of quantities.

“It’s also impressive to note how high Anthracite Grey features in our top 10. Georgian bars are usually thought of as most suited to period properties and traditional-style developments, but we think this figure shows that there’s an increase in homeowners looking for contemporary colours.”