The Geofast System

Double-glazed windows can be given a traditional Georgian appearance with our snap-on astragal-style bar system that is easy to install, does not rely on double-sided tape or hot-melt adhesive and gives a more authentic effect than aluminium bars within the sealed unit.

The GeoFast system from the Georgian Bar Company is fitted internally, externally or both, and can be installed on site. U-shaped clips are positioned around the glass unit before glazing, then cruciform clips are fitted to the glass panes at crossover points of the duplex spacer bar.

The Geofast bars are then cut and milled to fit the shorter span then simply snapped into position. Short sections of bar are then cut, mitred and clipped into position between the continuous bars to provide the individual small pane effect.

This method of installation enables the GeoFast system to be fitted retrospectively to existing windows and allows it to be re-used in the event of breakage or failure of a sealed unit. All bars are held firmly in position by the clips and cannot fall off. The GeoFast system provides the stylish, effective and trouble free answer to anyone wishing to achieve an authentic looking Georgian style double glazed window. The patented Geofast system is quick and easy to apply and is designed to cope with the rigours of site installation where necessary, and provides the smartest most authentic Georgian style double glazed window you will ever see. GeoFast Georgian bar is available in four ranges Traditional Plus (50mm x 16mm), Traditional (25mm x 16mm), Versatility (21mm x 11mm) and Simplicity (21mm x 7mm). Bars are available with chamfered or decorative designs in two shades of white and a wide selection of popular foiled grain effects from stock. Bars are made from window grade PVCu and are supplied in 3m lengths. U-clips are available in 24mm & 28mm glass thickness and are colour coded to match the relevant bar. Our range of Georgian Bars, clips and end-caps are approved and used by Rehau, Duraflex, Eurocell, Veka, Spectus, Kommerling, Synseal, Liniar and many others. With standard stick-on Georgian Bar, extreme temperatures and varying expansion rates would make the bars pop off, ham fisted window cleaners would dislodge them, toe and heeling would often remove them even before installation. No wonder they never enjoyed the same popularity within the industry as they did among planners and the public! With our GeoFast system these problems simply disappear.