Launched earlier this year by Shepley and featuring authentic timber-look joints, the Vuelta by Visage Flush Sash is the ideal choice for heritage properties – especially when twinned with colour-matched astragal bars from The Georgian Bar Company Ltd.

“We designed and developed the Vuelta Flush Sash to enhance any property, whether contemporary or classic,” says Ian Griffiths, Shepley Managing Director. “But Georgian bars are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners who want a traditional appearance.

“It was vital to us that the high-end styling and superior quality of Vuelta was matched by our choice of astragal and we didn’t have to look far. We’ve been working with The Georgian Bar Company for many years now, so when we approached them with our requirements for the Vuelta Flush Sash, we had full confidence that they would tick all the necessary boxes.

“The Vuelta Flush Sash is available in 14 standard painted and natural wood finish colour options. The GeoFast bars are beautifully colour-matched and supplied on lead times that work with our own, so there’s no hold up in supply.

“The quality of the mill finish bars goes without saying and that’s one of the reasons why we’ve built such a great working relationship with The Georgian Bar Company over the years.”

The Vuelta by Visage Flush Sash window is the first of its kind. The unique new jointing and welding process produces a perfect replica of a timber joint without compromising thermal efficiency or strength.

“It’s great to be involved in projects like this,” says Philip Dewhurst Jr, Commercial Director of The Georgian Bar Company. “The launch of high-quality new products can only enhance the market and the Vuelta Flush Sash is an impressive window.

“GeoFast bars are the ideal complement to give them the classic styling required for traditional properties.”