Geofast from The Georgian Bar Company is one of those products where a relatively simple idea has grown into a vast range of applications for external decorative bars. With various combinations of their bar ranges you can now create bespoke solutions for your customers in window and door design.

After an impressive 2014 concept launch at the FitShow the new Geofast 50mm bar is now available in what could be a game changing product for the Astragal decorative bar market. Now you can achieve a design and look previously only available by undertaking a time consuming method of welding. The patented Geofast clip on system is the key to this. All Geofast bars use this method of application so instead now all users will have to do is snap-on their 50mm bar which acts as a false transom, giving them the quickest solution and looking infinitely better than a welding join and only uses one sealed unit.

Lisa Penton – Office Manager at the Georgian Bar Company comments:

“Now more than ever we have expanded the synergy between the different bars. Our new 50mm midrail bar looks simply stunning when used as a false transom or a door mullion, not only that but it can be used with either a 25mm or 21mm bar to create an impressive ‘cottage’ style window with no need to weld in the transom – just simply clip on using our Geofast method.

We have already seen a fantastic response from our customer base on this product; it is something they have been asking for time and again. Just a few weeks ago twitter was buzzing with a beautiful Kommerling French window fabricated by CWG Choices where they used our 50mm and 25mm bars to create a lovely design piece for a customer.”

As ever The Georgian Bar Company stock the ranges in an impressive array of ‘off the shelf’ colours from Irish Oak to Slate Grey and most colours in between – all using Renolit foils.

If you would like any further information then you can visit their website or speak to the team on 01772 631 441