Not only will this be the first FIT Show but it will also mark the first time that The Georgian Bar Company will be exhibiting at a trade show.

Designing the stand is key, this is one huge advert for your products and your business – get that wrong and the whole thing is pointless. This is why once we had completed concept art with our designers at LatCreative, we then approached one of the best in the business TGAC, and as you can see below are near final concept is superb.



Choosing the most effective way to spend your marketing budget is not an exact science. You have to look at what advertising has worked for you in the past and ensure you finesse that to its full potential but most importantly you have to look forward to what might be the next wave of marketing opportunities. That could be website development, blogs and other social media – something which we have embraced and found successful. Now a trade show is certainly not an innovative idea – however the proposal for the FIT Show offered a new concept in trade shows, a trade show that would make the presumption that you are going to attend and or exhibit. By doing this the idea gained tremendous momentum and has now caught the attention of some of the key players in the industry.

For The Georgian Bar Company to exhibit its Geofast range at this new event will be a fantastic opportunity to see new products from suppliers and customers and to assist integration of our products into their window systems. Face to face business is and always has been the most effective way of forging relationships and starting or continuing good business. We are looking forward to meeting new customers and reconnecting with a customer base who have helped us to be THE best solution for Astragal Georgian Bars in the UK.