The venue was set, the marketing campaign was “everyone’s going”, the stands were built, staff were ready……and then just before opening there was a collective pause – where just for a moment everyone who was here hoped that it would work – AND IT DID!

The doors opened and a flood of industry visitors came through. By 10.15am it was positively humming with demos, introductions and business being discussed.

For the Georgian Bar Company it was the first time we had exhibited at any venue. The time was right and the opportunity to show the Geofast system to the industry was a sound prospect – not only did it give us the opportunity to garner new leads but it also allowed us to reconnect with our existing customer base. Many of our key customers such as Rehau, Liniar and Synseal were exhibiting too, the ability to support their fabricator network was a huge plus point too.

The first day continued to be busy for most of the day with a steady flow of visitors, then it was off to the exhibitor party which was a fantastic venue to catch up with old friends and network with new ones.

Wednesday was a different matter – it was massively busy which was superb for Geofast. In fact it was so busy the venue actually ran out of parking spaces! Our stand was busy all day with some great prospects gained. Then it was off to the gala dinner – we had decided that the Georgian Bar system had a far reaching customer base and so we could represent it best by having our own table. We invited some key players in the industry with representatives from Kommerling, Synseal, Selecta, Kat UK and Whiteline. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting a table and would strongly recommend it as not only a great way to blow off some steam but also to solidify relationships – the entertainment was first rate to boot!

Thursday although understandably quieter was a very successful day where we were able to catch up with customers and even pick up a few new ones.

The entire show was very positive for The Georgian Bar Company and our Geofast system. We surpassed visitor and lead targets everyday – what more can we ask?

It was our first exhibition but it won’t be our last! May we extend a “job well done” to all those involved, but more importantly may all of the staff at The Georgian Bar company offer sincere thanks to all of our customers and visitors who stopped by-without you it would not have been possible.

Hopefully see you next year!

Philip Dewhurst Jnr, Commercial Director at The Georgian Bar Company