Standing out from the crowd has never been easier with The Georgian Bar Company’s expanded range of stocked foiled colour astragal bars. In addition to their Golden Oak and Rosewood foiled bars, they have made a more comprehensive range of foiled bars available ‘off the shelf’.  To reduce lead times to zero for the most popular foiled colours, so customers can have it when they need it and in the quantities they require.

Colours such as White foil and Irish Oak have surged in popularity with homeowners and in the new build market. To this end The Georgian Bar company decided to stock more foiled colours to service demand. The foiled stocked range now includes Irish Oak, White, Crystal white, Cream, Mahogany, Rosewood and Golden Oak. For our Versatility range we also carry a number of complimentary foiled endcaps and cruciform covers. All other foiled colours are still available on request.


“Keeping up with consumer trends and knowing the market is key to helping our customers deliver the best products available”Phil Dewhurst Operations Director at The Georgian Bar Company

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