Working in tandem to provide top quality

‘Unique partnerships’ and ‘special relationships’ are often talked about in our industry, as well as many others. But one particular association is surely pretty exceptional.

Philip Dewhurst Jr, Commercial Director of The Georgian Bar Company Ltd, says: “The Liniar window system uses our GeoFast range of bars and Liniar fabricators are valued customers of ours. However, we’re also customers of Liniar, as they actually manufacture many of our products for us.

“We’ve found that this arrangement works exceptionally well and is very beneficial to both companies. We chose Liniar because they’re renowned for high quality manufacturing and we only use the best for our products.

“Liniar can also be assured that any windows and doors that their fabricators produce featuring our GeoFast bars are going to benefit from the exact same standards of manufacturing, while also providing a perfect colour match.”

Sue Davenport, Liniar Marketing Director, agrees that the relationship works in the interests of both companies:

“The design of GeoFast bars is really innovative which fits perfectly with the philosophy we have at Liniar.

“Knowing that our fabricators are using products that have been manufactured to our exacting standards gives us peace of mind that only top quality Liniar windows and doors are reaching consumers. It’s a real pleasure working with Georgian Bar and Phil is a great ambassador for the industry. We look forward to the relationship continuing for many years to come.”

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